Logging in to your news

We have heard from many readers over the past month that they are continuously being asked to log in when visiting our news sites or apps -- even after checking the “Keep me logged in” box. We understand this is frustrating, and we want to assure you, we are busy working with customers and technology partners to find a solution. 

Here’s what we know so far:

Most readers who are impacted by this issue are using an Apple device, and one reason they’re not being remembered is because of new privacy restrictions that make it difficult for sites to store cookies (not the kind you eat, but the kind that help apps remember you on return visits).

Sometimes, the issue occurs when a reader uses different devices and apps for accessing content. For example, a reader might use an iPad, an iPhone, and a computer to read the news. They might also use both the website and a mobile app. There are many different ways readers can access our news content, and it’s often not immediately clear when a reader is using a different app than they have used previously -- that is until they receive another login prompt.

For instance, the app that opens when a reader clicks on an article from Facebook is different from the app that opens when clicking on an article from Twitter, which is different still from the app that opens when clicking on an article from an email newsletter. So, a reader may be asked to log in multiple times if they are routinely accessing news from different entry points.

If you are repeatedly asked to log in, the best thing you can do is to first, log in and be sure to check the “Keep me logged in” box.

Note that if you are using either private or incognito mode, you will not be remembered as part of the privacy settings of that mode. If, after subsequent visits from the same app, you are still being asked to log in, please submit a support ticket. It’s helpful if you provide as much detail as possible, such as which device (computer, mobile, tablet), if it is an Apple, Android or Windows device, and which browser or app you were using. We’ll also need to know the email address associated with your subscription. This information is incredibly helpful to our team as they investigate.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to enhance your online experience. This is at the top of our priority list to solve, and we are grateful for those readers who have already reached out to provide more information about their experience to help us get to the root cause of this issue.